Dan Rothenberg, Comedian

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Dan Rothenberg, Comedian 

"He is a sought after comic sensation" Detroit Free Press
"Quite a hunk" SF Examiner (oh stop)

Brought up in the 80's in the conservative suburbs of Detroit, Michigan (birthplace of such greats as Henry Ford and Eminem), Dan Rothenberg had no choice but to move to California to become a comedian. Beginning in San Francisco and then on to Los Angeles, Dan's unhealthy addiction to the stage has led him to such prestigious events as the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival as well as a spot on NBC's Late Friday which airs every Friday night, late. Also, Dan was a semi-finalist in Comedy Central's 2002 Laugh Riots Contest. "His honesty, affability and good timing have made him a favorite at clubs all over the world" SF Examiner.

Dan's favorite clubs are Cobbs Comedy Club (performed with Robin Williams), The Punchline (San Francisco), Capitol City Comedy Club (Austin, TX), and the Improv (Melrose) where he performed with Drew Carey. Dan has also performed with Joe Rogan, Dave Attel, Mitch Hedberg, Brett Buttler, Jake Johanssen, Greg Proops, and John Hoogasian just to name a few.

In addition to club dates all over the US, Europe, and Canada, Dan has had the honor of hosting numerous events such as the Third Annual Gala for Willie L. Brown, the mayor of San Francisco. "Dan was selected from over 300 comedians across the country." Al Green headlined this exclusive event.

Dan's greatest gift is his likable style which transcends age and geography. "He takes us through every nuance of his neurotic psyche and makes us all feel like Jewish boys from the suburbs. He's clean but not boring." SF Examiner.
Book him now and see for yourself.

Dan Rothenberg performing at Stanford University
"A budding comedy star" SF Examiner

Upcoming Shows

22 Gas Light, Santa Monica, CA 7:30pm
23 Revere House, Orange County, CA (headline)
24 Luna Park, Hollywood, CA
5-9 Punchline, Sacramento, Ca
12 Pig'n Whistle, Hollywood, CA 9:30pm
13 Big Lills, San Jose, CA
21 3rd Street Prominad, Santa Monica, CA
25-1 Punchline, San Francisco, CA
5-9 Improv, San Jose, CA
14 Thrift Store, Orange County, CA
10 Punchline, San Francisco, CA (benefit for YMCA)
13 Ugly Mug, Orange County, CA
14 Thrift Store, Orange County, CA
3-5 Equinox Theater, Bozeman Montana, 8pm
24  Martini Blues, Huntington Beach, CA
8-11 Cobbs Comedy Club, San Francisco, CA (w/Kevin Pallac)
14-17 Rooster "T" Feathers, Sunnyvale, CA
26 Martini Blues, Orange County, CA (headline)


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Dan Rothenberg
1950 Cloverfield, #4
Santa Monica, CA 90404